2006-04-17 v. 1.0

Incorporated the Makefile from Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda, to generate a global shared library containing the very small amount of static code.

Updated benchmarks. The 1.x versions of SlotSig will remain binary-compatible. No major new feature is expected, mainly cosmetic changes and bugfixes. The main line of development will be done in a 1.99.x branch, maybe leading someday to a 2.0 version.

2005-12-09 v. 0.7

not much to say, just fixed a compile error due to better standard-conformance from GCC.

2004-06-10 v. 0.6

2004-05-23 v. 0.5.1

2004-05-20 v. 0.5

2004-02-03 v. 0.4

2003-11-22 v. 0.3

2003-06-09 v. 0.2

2003-06-03 v. 0.1

Initial public release.